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Welcome to Lizhong Zheng's Research Page!

My name is Lizhong Zheng. I am a professor in EECS at MIT.

I make this page to keep some of the experiments and demos related to my recent research on statistical data analysis. I figured instead of giving you a link to some codes, or a full copy of a research paper, it would be more fun to show you some codes, as well as some explainations of why we did that in the first place, maybe a little math, as well as some useful pointers to help you to make these experiments your own. It would definitely be fun for me, so I can take a break from writing formal research papers, and enjoy some casual writing.

Lets start with this one on neural networks.

Understanding the Power of Neural Networks

and the Chinese version


The following are some random topics:

Akaike Information Criterion

Bayesian Information Criterion

q - Divergence

Conjugate Priors

Tensor SVD

And here are some solutions for Euclidea, which is a my favorite math game.

Below are some links I use to maintain this page